Organic Milk Powder

Great as always.


We have kept all the natural nutritional values. And you can taste the  difference. Enjoy cool or warm. A natural protein level of 24.5 gram  each 100 grams of powder, and all the natural vitamins and minerals will  help you to stay strong. Longer.

Organic milk powder for 50 and above

Extra care to elderly immunity and digestive systems. Rich in natural minerals, vitamins, probiotics and calcium. 

Organic milk powder with colostrum for age 3 and above

Nutrition solution for children age 3 and above. Colostrums provides IGG antibodies that enhance the immunity system at the fast developing stage of children.

Organic pregnancy milk powder

Specially designed with active probiotics, folic acid, calcium and iron. Advanced formulation to provide the pregnant and lactating mothers with various necessary nutrition during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Organic whole milk powder

From Danish Premium Organic milk source with above. 24.5g of protein in every 100g of organic whole milk powder, natural and pure.